Thursday, November 13, 2008

Court Orders Kuwait Stock Exchange to Stop Declining

From Agence France-Presse:
Trading at the Kuwait Stock Exchange, the second largest Arab bourse, was halted Thursday following an unprecedented court order aimed at curbing the market's slide and preventing massive losses among small investors.

"The administrative court ordered that trading be suspended immediately at the bourse until November 17 when the court will sit again to look into the issue," said the ruling, a copy of which was obtained by AFP.

Thursday is the last trading day of the week in the oil-rich Gulf state, where the bourse has been trading at 40-month lows over concerns about a global recession and problems at a local bank.

The court issued its ruling after a lawsuit filed by lawyer Adel Abdulhadi on behalf of an investor who claimed he had incurred heavy losses on the Kuwait market over the past few weeks....MORE

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The Karachi Stock Exchange put a floor price on their market August 28:

Chart Analysis of KSE: Ummm, uh..., well then.
For more of this kind of action, there's always the lard and tallow market. From last March:
Volatility Getting You Down, Bunky?

Maybe it's time you looked into the tallow market.
The tallow/grease/lard complex has been traded for five thousand years:

2992 B.C.
Honey I'm home!
Hi dear, anything new in tallow?
Nope. Same ol', same ol'.

2008 A.D.

Here's a long term forecast for tallow:

Figure 1: Tallow and Crude Oil Prices: New Zealand Dollars per Litre

Figure 1: Tallow and Crude Oil Prices: New Zealand Dollars per Litre


Disclaimer: They didn't do so well on the oil forecast.
Regardless, my guess is that the chart will end up looking like this:

Did you know chefs have been sculpting tallow for over 300 years?>>>MORE