Friday, November 7, 2008

Unsubstantiated Rumor of the Day: Goldman Sachs Going Private? (GS; BX)

Just a two-liner at DealBreaker:
According to Scott Rothbort, yes! Granted, he is a writing this as a columnist for, but maybe he's on to something?
And an interesting call by Goldman alum Jim Cramer last night:
"Goldman will likely trade to $75 a share. At that point, I say if you can buy a stock for $40 a share less than Warren Buffet, you're smart!"
Now, if the game was afoot, I'd guess Mr. Blankfein wouldn't call Mr. Cramer with the news and if he did, I'd guess Mr. Cramer wouldn't make positive comments on Mad Money's Lightning Round. As a curious aside, GS bottomed today at exactly $ Seventy-five point zero zero.
As to someone going private, Blackstone Group (BX) might be a candidate, IPO at $31.00 less than a year and a half ago, currently at $7.70.