Monday, November 10, 2008

Carbon regulation to change all aspects of life

This is big time wealth transfer. From Energy Bulletin:

“The average American has no clue what is about to hit them. Neither does the average investor. The magnitude of the life changes we’re about to see is simply incredible.”

This is how Catherine Elder, an energy expert at noted consultancy R.W. Beck, describes what will be the impact of a federally-imposed system to regulate the U.S.’s carbon dioxide emissions. Such a system will create a nationwide “cap-and-trade” financial market that permits companies that reduce their carbon “footprint” below a federally-prescribed annual limit to profit at the expense of those that do not. They will profit by selling “credits” based on how many tons of CO2 they eliminate over and above what they will be required to. (One ton will equal one credit.) Each year the limit will be lowered, the idea being to gradually reduce atmospheric levels of this greenhouse gas without seriously impairing economic growth....MORE

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