Thursday, February 29, 2024

"The German Government Will Begin Spelling The Name of Ukraine's Capital ‘Kyjiw’"

Oh come on. 

I've already had the Kyiv - Kiev débâcle that ended up with a guy asking "you some kind of commie?" because I used the latter spelling and my pathetic bleating "No, no, Mussorgsky, you know? Great Gate of...?":

From the old commies at RT, February 24, 2024:

Germany renames Kiev

Berlin will now abandon the established rendering of the city in its official documents

The German authorities have decided to switch from the traditional spelling of Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, to a new variant requested by the Ukrainian government, the Foreign Ministry said on Saturday. The city previously known in German as ‘Kiew’ will now be written as ‘Kyjiw’, the ministry said in a series of statements on X (formerly Twitter).

The change has been entered in the register for official use, which sets out guidelines for government documents. The Foreign Ministry said it would gradually introduce the change.

The statement did not elaborate on the reasons for the change, only saying the spelling had been common practice for many entities.

The Japanese Defense Ministry made a similar decision in March 2022, about a month into the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. The move was made following a review of major media coverage, it said at the time.

The Ukrainian authorities have been campaigning for the spelling change since at least 2018. The US Board on Geographic Names (BGN) – which maintains uniform geographic name usage throughout the US government – introduced similar changes in June 2019 when it adopted ‘Kyiv’.....


Now I'm flashing on that whole Lemberg>Lwów>Lvov>Lviv thing, depending on who was running the show, where I was always two decades behind the times. Change is hard.

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