Tuesday, January 2, 2024

"Oculus founder plans to double UK workforce for defence company Anduril"

From CityAM, January 2:

A defence technology company founded by the Californian entrepreneur Palmer Luckey, who sold virtual reality startup Oculus to Facebook in 2014, plans to double its presence in the UK over the next two years.

Anduril, which was founded in 2017, develops a host of defence technology, including anti-drone software and detection equipment, powered by its AI system Lattice OS.

Luckey’s outfit has drawn eyes for its lofty goals as it looks to break into the top tier of a defence industry dominated by the likes of Lockheed Martin and Boeing. It made headlines in 2022 with a huge £1.2bn Series E fundraising and has announced a string of acquisitions since.

In comments reported by the Telegraph, Anduril’s head of global defence Gregory Kausner, said: “We have a strong belief that the UK is rife with engineering in defence and aerospace talent. We plan to continue to hire and grow in that market for the foreseeable future.”....


Anti-drone technology is so hot right now.