Monday, August 14, 2023

The First Adopter of Hydrogen Trains Switches To Electric Models

From Interesting Engineering, August 9:

The new models are cheaper to operate.

LVNG, a German state-owned railway company and the first firm to adopt commercial hydrogen trains, is letting go of the powerful vehicles and replacing them instead with electric versions.

This is according to a report by Quartz published on Monday.

The article noted how the company began using the hydrogen fuel-cell trains in September of 2018 only to recently get rid of them because electric versions are cheaper to run and operate.

A press release by the firm further noted the company’s dedication to phasing out fossil fuels by using the new battery-electric models.

102 electric trains
"From 2029 we will successively use 102 new multiple units with battery technology that are emission-free - and thus phase out existing diesel fleets," said in the statement Lower Saxony's Transport Minister Olaf Lies....