Friday, August 25, 2023

Media: "No advertising, no website, and a $70 magazine. Is this the future of media?"

From Fast Company, August 24:

The founders of ‘Inque’ are making a magazine on their own terms. 

A $70 magazine?

Look, editor and publisher Dan Crowe knows it’s a lot.

But that’s by far not the strangest part of Inque magazine, which just released its second issue. 

To wit: Crowe and his team accept no advertising. They offer no digital version of the publication. They launched their fledgling first issue with work by Margaret Atwood, Joyce Carol Oates, Tom Waits, and other luminaries, who essentially got to write about whatever they wanted. Crowe and his team plan to publish one issue a year for a decade—and then kill off the whole magazine.

It might seem like the sort of thing a pair of young, idealistic editors might dream up in a bar after a particularly difficult issue has been put to bed. In fact, Inque was founded by Crowe and his longtime collaborator, Pentagram partner Matt Willey—industry vets behind the style magazine Port, among other titles. “If we’re both into something, we will get it off the ground,” Crowe says. “Whether or not we can keep it in the air is another story.”....