Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Surviving OceanGate (Titanic submersible) Co-Founder Plans Expeditions To/Colonies Above, Venus

From Futurism, July 31:

OceanGate Cofounder Now Planning Totally Safe Colony Above Venus
Sure, what could go wrong?

Ever wanted to live in the atmosphere of our Solar System's hottest planet? In just a few short decades, you might — or at least, that's what the other co-founder of OceanGate, the builder of the doomed Titanic-seeking submersible, is saying.

In an interview with Insider, still-living OceanGate cofounder Guillermo Söhnlein introduced his latest ambitious venture: Humans2Venus, a research group bent on creating a colony that floats above the uber-hot planet's surface and that he says, by 2050, will be home to 1,000 people.

As hostile as the depths of the ocean are, Venus just might be worse....


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