Monday, October 19, 2020

Dyson Sells Singapore Penthouse For $46 Million (USD)

It wasn't that long ago (8:34 am PDT, October 23, 2018) that we were posting: 

"Dyson chooses Singapore for first electric car plant"

I like Singapore although it is a bit authoritarian.
The people are bright, usually the highest average I.Q. in the world, sometimes #2 to Hong Kong.
In the case of Singapore the I.Q. thing is especially interesting as their average is higher than that of any of the genetic pools the city-state draws from: the Chinese, Malay and Indian.

As a Malaysian Chinese businessman I know has told me, "We should never have let Singapore get away."

Another back-and-forth with Hong Kong is income/wealth. HK has more billionaires but Singapore has a higher average income.
And then there are the Gurkhas. More after the jump.....

But then he pulled the plug, so to speak, on the car project and now this, from Malaysia's The Star:

Dysons sell Singapore three-storey penthouse for S$62m 

SINGAPORE: Billionaire vacuum-cleaner mogul James Dyson and his wife are selling their Singapore penthouse for S$62 million ($46 million) -- less than the record S$73.8 million they paid for it a year ago -- the Business Times reported, without saying where it got the information.

Singapore’s tallest penthouse, on the top three levels of the 64-story Guoco Tower in Tanjong Pagar, fetched about S$3,000 per square foot, the Times said. It comes with its own infinity pool and private lift lobby from the basement car park.

The Dysons’ purchase of the Wallich Residence penthouse last year set a record for Singapore penthouses. Before he bought it, the apartment, which overlooks the central business district and the city’s historical shop houses, was listed for S$108 million....


As far as I know he is still planning to relocate the company's head office to Singapore next year.