Sunday, October 18, 2020

Shipping: CMA CGM Hires CEO Of IBM France To Head Up IT

And I have Siva, a streetwise Hindu boy (CalTech post-doc).
No offense Siva

Considering CMA CGM's recent cyber travails M. Sekkaki was busy from day one.

From FreightWaves, October 2:

IBM France CEO Nicolas Sekkaki recruited to accelerate container carrier’s ‘digital and technological ambitions’

CMA CGM announced Friday it has recruited a leader to execute its digitization and technology strategy.

Nicolas Sekkaki has served as the chairman and CEO of IBM France since 2015. The CMA CGM Group has hired him as its executive vice president of IT, digital and transformation.

CMA CGM said in the announcement that Sekkaki was brought on to accelerate the implementation of its “digital and technological ambitions.”

“Digitization is at the heart of the CMA CGM Group’s development strategy: a driver for growth, differentiation and performance,” CMA CGM said. “A number of initiatives have already been taken to give the group’s customers access to the world’s most innovative technologies in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence and internet of things....