Friday, March 20, 2020

Meanwhile at ZeroHedge: "NASA Warns Two Asteroids Could Cause Atmospheric Explosion Over Earth This Week"

From ZH, March 19, 23:05:
Authored by Aaron Kesel via,
As if 2020 weren’t overwhelming enough, in addition to the potential start of World War 3, the massive fires in Australia, the locust plague in the Middle East and Africa, and the novel coronavirus, we are now dealing with multiple asteroids hurtling towards Earth. One of the asteroids may even collide with Earth’s atmosphere resulting in an atmospheric explosion tonight!
Two asteroids following Earth’s intersecting orbit known as 2020 EF and 2020 DP4 are approaching the planet, and information collected by NASA indicates the space rocks are big enough to create violent explosions in the atmosphere if they come too close to the Earth....MORE
According to

2020 EF
16.6 LD

the first of the asteroids is just a little guy and projected to pass at 16 times the distance to the moon while the second roid:

2020 DP4
3.5 LD

is larger and will track much closer but still projected to pass by at 836,000 miles.

The Spaceweather geeks start to get excited when the rocks are buzzing by within 1 LD.
Also at Spaceweather, besides the usual sunspot counts, aurora news, cosmic ray values etc.:
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You can have him for $170.10. The price, in case you're wondering, is the serial number of the Enterprise, NGC1701, divided by 10. The students are selling Spock to buy more helium! He comes with a greeting card showing the high-quality resin bobblehead in flight and telling the story of his journey to the stratosphere and back again.