Thursday, September 26, 2019

Almost 9,000 Tuna Escaped From Spanish Fish Farm During the Storm

This is exactly why you don't want our finny farmed friends anywhere near their wild cousins.
Yes, it was a big storm but that is no excuse. You have a population with exposure to one set of pathogens, and a developed resistance to same, mixing with a population that has no resistance and you end up killing the free-range critters.
That's not even looking at the GMO varieties we were ranting about a couple weeks ago.

From AgroInsurance, September 26:
Spain - Almost 9,000 tuna escaped from San Pedro del Pinatar fish farm during the storm
1,300 dead tuna weighing 100 kilos each have been recovered from the sea and the beaches. This means that many have yet to be located.

Among the businesses to have suffered most economic harm during the destructive “gota fría” storm of 12 to 14th September are many crop farmers whose land disappeared under floodwater, but arguably even more severe damage was done to the tuna fish farm belonging to Grupo Ricardo Fuentes 4.5 kilometres off the coast of San Pedro del Pinatar and Pilar de la Horadada.

During the storm eight of the large cage enclosures in which tuna were being fattened broke open, allowing almost 9,500 bluefin tuna, each weighing over 100 kilos, a chance to escape into the open sea. Unfortunately many of the fish failed to survive and almost immediately dead tuna started to wash up on the beaches of La Manga, while carcasses have also been recovered all along the eastern Costa Cálida (Águilas) and in the southern Costa Blanca, (Orihuela and Torrevieja amongst them) both from the coastline and from the water.

It is reported that the total weight of the 1,300 dead tuna recovered so far comes to 176,331 kilos, and the scale of the incident suggests that those figures could both rise substantially over the next few days. Only 800 of the tuna remained in their cages, leaving another 7,300 unaccounted for according to the latest figures....MORE
Here's the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® report on Atlantic Bluefin Tuna.
And a couple notes on aquaculture escapes in general.

"Here Come the Frankenfish: GMO Salmon Coming to a Store Near You"
They absolutely must not allow these things to get anywhere near ocean salmon (or Great Lakes salmon for that matter).
And though the writer takes a blithely upbeat look at this development, we are posting it for information purposes only.... 

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