Friday, March 2, 2018

As The Risks Of Technology Stocks Are Exposed; Investors Find Comfort In Artisanal Crafts (ETSY)

From Bloomberg:

The World Needs Etsy More Than Ever, CEO Silverman Says
Josh Silverman, Etsy Inc.'s chief executive officer, discusses the company's growth strategy, organizational structure and competition. He speaks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."...MORE
$24.96 down 0.36, last.

ETSY Etsy, Inc. daily Stock Chart
We were there for the changing of the guard:
May 2017
"The Barbarians Are at Etsy’s Hand-Hewn, Responsibly Sourced Gates" (ETSY)
$13.31 at the close Friday. As noted a week ago:
The IPO priced at $16 back in April 2015 so it is still a bit underwater but is suddenly interesting, I mean beyond the ongoing availability of witches curses at the platform, despite the ban.... 
From Bloomberg:
“There is one and only one social responsibility of business,” the economist Milton Friedman famously wrote in 1962. And that is “to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits.” Those words helped establish the now pervasive idea that companies are exclusively responsible, within the limits of the law, to the people who own them. Even the most soft-hearted public-company chief executive treats the idea with a measure of respect. In March, at his final annual meeting, Starbucks Corp. CEO Howard Schultz declared that, notwithstanding his plans to hire refugees and open stores in poor neighborhoods, the company’s commitment to shareholder value remained “absolute.”
But there are exceptions. “You’re all free to hiss,” Chad Dickerson said after quoting Friedman in a speech at a corporate social responsibility conference in late 2014. Dickerson, then the 42-year-old chairman and CEO of Etsy Inc., paused for a moment, as the audience hissed and laughed. Then, for good measure, he hissed himself....
May 2017
Today In Artisanal: Etsy is Up 22% (ETSY)

Signposts: "Etsy Pivots From Crunchy Hipster To Gordon Gekko In One Afternoon" (ETSY)

Etsy Drops 7.77% On News It's Still Etsy (ETSY)

We actually have quite a bit on this one including the older, never-to-be-topped DealBreaker headline:
"Etsy’s Stock Is A Découpage of Market Schadenfreude" (ETSY)

And the never-to-be forgotten:
April 2015 
Climateer Line of the Day: Words As A String Of Pearls Edition
I guarantee you my brain does not run fast enough to have ever had the sequence of thoughts represented by these pixels:

"...Can Etsy grow that fast? 

Maybe it has unleashed the hobbyist instincts of a new generation of interconnected micro-entrepreneurs wagging the long tail of demand for individualised consumption...."

-Dan McCrum at FT Alphaville's The artisanal of valuation