Saturday, March 24, 2018

Intermental – A Glossary of (Possible) Tech-Induced Mental Disorders [INTERACTIVE]

From Information is Beautiful:
Smart Tick
Compulsion to fill any momentary lull in stimulus or social contact with smartphone activity.
(like when a companion briefly leaves you alone at the dinner table, you instantly reach for your phone). 

Dopamine vacuum in the brain’s pleasure centres drives a restless need for more information / novelty / stimulation. You’re the cocaine lab rat, clicking on the reload lever. 

Subtle feeling of heaviness and cognitive bloat caused by over-storage of ‘read-later’ items on Instapaper, Pocket etc. Delayed metabolisation leads to a discomforting feeling of being mentally ‘backed-up’. 

Abundance Wormhole
Mental paralysis caused by the excess of choices generated by “best of” ranking apps for cafes, transport routes, cheap flights, bars etc.
Typically ended by a row with one’s partner & a tense, tasteless meal at a no-reviews 2-star slophole.