Thursday, February 1, 2018

Today in J-Pop: Due to the $530 Million Theft at Coincheck, The Virtual Currency Girls Are Broke

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From Sputnik
Despite their most promising name, The Virtual Currency Girls pop band from Japan seems to have hit a roadblock in the aftermath of the much-debated Coincheck incident.
Following a recent major theft at Coincheck, Inc., a well-known Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, the service shut down completely and left the pop icons penniless.

The girls previously agreed to only be paid in cryptocurrency to universally spread the group's message. Digital money also used to come in handy when the band needed to buy tickets and merchandise — something that is currently put on hold due to lack of finances.

In the wake of the theft, The Cinderella Academy agency offered to pay the girls the sum they were supposed to get – around $18,400 —  in yen but they declined, insisting that they be paid in cryptocurrency....MORE