Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Bali volcano latest update: Volcano warning downgraded as Mount Agung activity calms

We'll get around to why we were watching this one next spring but for now we are changing our focus.*
To quote Bart Simpson "Bárðarbunga dude!"

From The Express who had made a little business out of Agung coverage:
THE ALERT status of Bali’s highest volcano Mount Agung has been lowered after more than a month of intense seismic activity, though experts have warned that an eruption could still occur at any time.
Mount Agung’s alert status was downgraded from level four to level three on Sunday, after seismic activity underneath the volcano showed signs of abating.
However, the head of Bali’s Volcanology Centre (PVMBG) has warned that the threat of an eruption has not passed.

“The volcanic activities have not completely calmed down and there is still a potential for an eruption,” he said.

Translating a PVMBG statement, Dr Janine Krippner, who has been monitoring the closely for weeks, explained that the lower threat level “does not mean the risk is gone”....

Also at The Express:
Bali volcano update: Mount Agung eruption threat has cost Bali £112 MILLION so far
BALI’s economy has taken a hammering over the past month, as tourists seek to avoid the threat of a Mount Agung eruption.
*I just realized I will probably forget to "get around" to the discussion sans some sort of aide-mémoire so here's this morning's edition of Nature - Communications:

The amplifying influence of increased ocean stratification on a future year without a summer

And Monday's "Modelling Coupled Oscillations of Volcanic CO 2 Emissions and Glacial Cycles"

Oh, and a flashback to 2015's "Laki: How A Volcano Swallowed Europe"