Saturday, November 25, 2017

So, What's the Online Experience Like These Days?

From Digiday, Nov. 24:
...How would you describe the current digital advertising user experience?
People are still bombarded with ads, their computers stuffed with tags and cookies. They have autoplay video, with the sound off by default if they’re lucky, and all these things affect the page-load speed. In a real-life situation it’s the equivalent of throwing soapy water under a customer, or hitting them with a bat while they walk through a store. They’re then stalked all the way to the bus stop or inside their car, and told to buy products they’ve likely just bought. It’s a parallel reality that premium publishers have allowed to develop. It’s a shame, because trusted quality publishers are so vital today for societal and democracy reasons, and for the new generations....MORE
So you're saying there's room for improvement? Alrighty then.