Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Major Hurricane Maria Poised To Devastate Puerto Rico"

This is very bad.
From the National Hurricane Center:
12:00 AM AST Wed Sep 20
Location: 17.4°N 64.9°W
Moving: WNW at 10 mph
Min pressure: 908 mb
Max sustained: 175 mph

Up to 150 mph sustained winds when it gets to Puerto Rico, who knows what the gusts will be clocking.

From the blog at Weather.us:
Maria continues to strengthen this evening as it moves towards Puerto Rico. I’ve already gone over the forecast for Maria, but some of the key points bear repeating as the storm is forecast to be a devastating event for Puerto Rico.

Satellite imagery of Maria shows a nearly perfect system. It’s hard to find a flaw anywhere in its structure. A very clearly defined eye is visible and is surrounded by a region of extremely powerful thunderstorms. Outflow continues unimpeded in all directions, and well-organized spiral bands extend out from the center. Maria’s satellite image belongs in the intense hurricane textbooks, and that’s not good news for Puerto Rico. If you’re interested in learning more about satellite imagery and how to find/read maps like this at weather.us, check out this video.
When a hurricane threatens the mainland US, escaping the storm is fairly straightforward for most people: get in a car, and drive out of harm’s way....MUCH MORE