Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"Uber threatens to leave Quebec if province insists on stricter rules"

Following the London bowing/scraping/forelock tugging by CEO Khosrowshahi, we now return you to your regularly scheduled Uber, already in progress.
From the CBC:

Government wants drivers to do 35 hours of training, which Uber says is too much
Just days after the company warned it may leave the province, Uber has confirmed it would cease operations in Quebec next month if planned stricter rules aren't changed.

Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, director general of Uber Quebec, says if negotiations between the province and the company don't change, it would shut down Oct. 14.

On that date last year, the two sides agreed to a pilot project that allowed the ride-hailing company to operate.

Transport Minister Laurent Lessard agreed to renew that pilot project Friday, but with stricter conditions including a requirement that drivers undergo 35 hours of training, the same amount as traditional taxi drivers.

Guillemette said Uber wasn't consulted about the changes, which they consider to be major, and that the requirement is too much for drivers who only work part time.

"What the [Transport] Ministry has announced is an attempt to impose old rules on a new technological model," he said....MORE
Yes, I know he doesn't have a forelock.