Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"Uber says it's not part of the gig economy at tribunal on drivers' rights"

It's not a start-up either although you still see them referred to as one in some of the dimmer media outposts. They're eight years old.

From City AM:
Embattled ride-hailing app Uber told an employment appeals tribunal in London today that it's not part of the gig economy - but its drivers are self-empoyed and not workers entitled to benefits.

The company is appealing a previous ruling from the tribunal which found that the US firm had obligations to treat drivers as employees and grant them rights such as holiday pay. Employment experts estimated this could cost Uber more than £17m.

At the beginning of the appeal hearing, which will continue tomorrow, Uber said its drivers were self-employed and worked the same way as those at long-established local taxi firms. The self-employed are entitled to only basic protections such as health and safety.

“The position of drivers who use the App is materially identical to the (familiar and long-established) position of self-employed private hire drivers who operate under the auspices of traditional minicab firms,” Uber said in its court submission....MORE