Tuesday, September 12, 2017

European Bankers on Top of The League Tables For Fashion Sense

From MoneyBeat:

European Banks Top the World in Dress Sense
Bankers in continental Europe are out-dressing their rivals in the U.S. and U.K. That is the not-so-shocking takeaway from a poll of financial professionals on their work dress codes by Emolument, a London-based salary-benchmarking site.
In Italy and France, 42% and 24% of financial professionals respectively said they are required to wear a jacket and tie, or high heels, even away from client meetings. The results for the U.K. and the U.S. were 17% and 10%.
Climate likely plays a role, with 94% of professionals going jacketless in sweltering Singapore.
Among individual banks in the survey, BNP Paribas appears to be most formal, with 37% of bankers donning ties and jackets outside client meetings, and 20% saying that the bank imposes limits on their color selections. Barclays is most laid back, with just 14% going formal when not with clients, and none facing color restrictions.
No mention of Australia's gift to the fashion world, the shorts suit (now available at Barney's):

Hmmm, the shorts seem shorter than I remember

If that's Putin I'd tell him no, the shorts don't make his butt look big.

And that the braces provide a nice accessory flash to stand out against the
cooler palette of the coat and shorts.

Speaking of accessorizing, Button Brothers, Australia proves that Royal Ascot has no monopoly on hats making the racecourse ensemble pop: