Monday, September 5, 2016

"Hanjin Shipping Rebounds As Creditors Talk Of Funding Support Again"

From Barron's Asia Stocks to Watch:
As Hanjin Shipping (117930.Korea) tries to prevent its ships, which reportedly carry $14.5 billion worth of cargoes, from being seized at ports around the world, the Korean container shipper’s creditors are talking about a funding rescue again.

Reuters reported the government-backed creditors are ready to provide Hanjin Shipping with about $90 million of loans, if the parent company Hanjin Group is willing to provide collaterals. To be sure, this is by no means enough: Hanjin had over $5 billion debt as of the end of 2015.

Hanjin Shipping’s shareholders cheered nonetheless at this young array of light, sending its stock up 19.6%...MORE
As Reuters also highlights, the amount being discussed is not nearly enough:
Hanjin's creditors ready to provide $90 million in funds: government officials