Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kids, Love Red Tape? Good At Saying No? Consider A Career In Compliance

From City AM:
Morgan McKinley's London Employment Monitor for July found available jobs had decreased by 12 per cent month on month, while the number of professionals seeking jobs had fallen 14 per cent. On a year-on-year basis, available jobs dropped 27 per cent in July and the number of professionals out job hunting slid by 13 per cent.

However, the marketplace for those with a head for compliance appeared more robust. Although Morgan McKinley noted there had been some problems with companies getting approval to take new staff on board during the first half of 2016, demand for appropriately qualified talent still outweighed supply. 

The recruitment firm added it expected to see a spike in demand for in-house lawyers and regulatory professionals, as banks and other financial sector power players tried to navigate their way through what Brexit meant for them.

"Despite the economic and political landscape, we have seen an increase of hiring in specific areas within compliance: front office advisory, compliance monitoring and guideline/investment monitoring," said Leo Bellometti, compliance consultant at Morgan McKinley....MORE