Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Standard Chartered Joins Barclays and HSBC as Scummiest Bankers on Earth (STAN.L)

Just last week I headlined the earnings report:
A Seriously Smart Bank: "Standard Chartered Profit Rises 11% in First Half" (STAN.L)

Maybe not so smart.

The tally so far:

Barclays is a flat out cheat and liar on LIBOR.
HSBC launders billions for these guys: "49 Mutilated and Decapitated Bodies Left on Mexico Highway ...".
And now StanChart "scheming" with the Iranian government.

STAN.L is down 18.5% after dropping 6% just before the London close yesterday.

The litany brings to mind a post from last month:
What To Do With Financial Criminals? Kill Them