Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MIT's "The Future of Money"

This was a series that Technology Review began back in March. I had intended to bookmark it on the blog and forgot.
From MIT's Technology Review:
Money has gone from seashells to gold to paper bills to digits in a computer. Now money is about to evolve again as the mobile Internet unlocks new consumer behaviors and business opportunities. This month, Business Impact explores the ideas, companies, technologies, and new concepts of value that are redefining the future of money. 
Me, My Money, and My Devices
Technology has yet to fundamentally change how we think about money. As the mobile Internet begins to take financial control out of the hands of bank tellers and regulators, innovators are connecting us to our money in new ways. 
With Mobile Internet, Money Is Up for Grabs
Ben Milne doesn't look like a banker. Not one bit. So why shouldn't he rebuild the world's money system? 
Beyond Credit Cards: Q&A with Dan Schulman of American Express
American Express built its brand around a material that's going out of style. One word: plastic. 
Battle of the Electronic Wallets
Mobile-phone carriers are seeking a beachhead in phone-based payments. Only problem? Google got there first. 
The Slow Death of Cash
In a new book, author David Wolman argues that cash costs society far more than we think it does. 
Six Strange Things Worth Money Online
What’s a tweet worth? The Web is redefining what’s valuable and letting people create personal wealth in surprising new ways. 
Wall Street's Search for Innovation
New York is investing in financial startups to make sure technologists and new ideas stick around.  
The Most Powerful Man in Payments
The race towards mobile payments stops at Mike Cook's desk in Arkansas.