Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hurricane Watch: Invest 94L Goes West, Hurricane Gordon Heads East Toward Europe

From Hurricane Track:

Gordon now a hurricane, Helene just about on the coast and 94L looks like it could be an issue
There is a lot to go over at this early morning hour that I am posting this blog update. The tropics have indeed become quite active and we are probably only just getting started. Notice in the satellite photo the marked increase in convection across the Atlantic Basin. This is part due to a slightly more favorable upward motion pattern or MJO pulse that is currently passing through the Basin. Just a few days ago, there was hardly a cloud to be found much less any deep thunderstorm activity. I think this is a sign that things are changing and the tropics are about to get busy.

First, Gordon. It is now a hurricane, the 2nd one of the Atlantic season. It could bring tropical storm conditions to portions of the Azores Islands over the next few days but should weaken over progressively cooler waters. This will keep the overall effects to a minimum. Still, it’s rare to have a tropical storm pass through the Azores, it does happen, but it’s not often....MORE
From Wunderblog here is the ensemble model of Gordon's track: