Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Germany’s SolarWorld Called "Crazed Agent Provocateur"

From Forbes:
Germany’s SolarWorld took its trade war against Chinese solar panel manufacturers to Europe Tuesday by filing a dumping complaint with the European Commission, according to news reports.

The move follows the success of SolarWorld’s American subsidiary in persuading the U.S. Commerce Department in May to levy tariffs against Suntech, Trina Solar, Yingli and other Chinese photovoltaic module manufacturers after it found the companies illegally sold their products below cost.

But increasingly the solar trade war is looking like a solar civil war as Chinese manufacturers and U.S. solar installers such as SolarCity, Sungevity and SunRun line up against SolarWorld.

“Like a crazed agent provocateur, SolarWorld is fueling global solar industry infighting for its own selfish interest,” the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy, or CASE, said in a statement released Tuesday in response to the European complaint....MORE