Friday, July 20, 2012

Protectionism: Canada Bans Foreign Strippers

From FindLaw's Legally Weird blog:
Sorry Girls, The Canada Stripper Visa is No More
The Canadian government says it's protecting foreign workers from sexual exploitation.

Strip bars and their patrons say the government is just being prudish.

Our neighbors to the north announced that they will be cutting off the Canadian stripper visa. With a shortage of homegrown strippers, Canadian bar owners say their entire industry is threatened. The bars will now either have to pay more to attract Canuck strippers or seek out strippers from a different source -- foreign students.

There are about 700 foreign strippers legally working in Canada working on a visa, reports Newser. Just under 500 visas have been issued since 2006, and only 12 were issued last year. These workers will be allowed to finish working as strippers for the duration of their one-year visa, and will then be forced to leave the country....MORE