Monday, July 2, 2012

Not Only is China's Broad Group Planning to Assemble the World's Tallest Building in 90 Days, They Are Planning TO CAPTURE 30% OF THE WORLD's Construction Market (and cut energy costs by 50%)

Talk about thinking big.
Following up on "UPDATED--China Plans to Build World's Tallest Building in Just 90 Days" and "China's Plan for the World's Tallest Building: The Rest of the Story".

From Metal Buildings and Steel Structures (India):

China’s Broad Group aims for rapid growth
It hit the headlines last year with its sensational YouTube videos that showcased construction of a 15-storey hotel in six days and a 30-storey one in nine days. Now, China’s Changsha-based Broad Group’s construction subsidiary, Broad Sustainable Buildings (BSB), has recently received a go ahead from the district government and is awaiting a similar sanction from the central government for a 220-storey tower that will be, at 838m, the tallest building in the world. It plans to complete the erection in a record seven months.

The rapid speed with which Broad manages to erect buildings on site has been made possible by the fact that 93% of the materials are pre-fabricated in a factory. The company says that the technology lowers costs by three to ten times, making it feasible to have larger and taller buildings. Currently the system is 20-30% lower on costs than competing Chinese companies, but much more significantly below construction costs in developed countries.

With plans underway to establish a global network of franchisees, the company has also announced its aim of capturing 30% of the world’s construction industry in the next few years. Given the rapid pace of urabnisation in China, observers believe that this feat can be achieved by emerging as the dominant player in the construction industry in China alone.

Set up in 1988, Broad has a well established presence in manufacturing and selling central air conditioning non-electric absorption chillers that are powered by natural gas and waste heat to over 70 countries worldwide. It diversified into the pre-fabricated construction business in 2009.

BSB focuses on high energy efficiency and carbon reduction primarily through thermal insulation. Its building’s have 150mm exterior insulated walls, triple-paned windows, exterior solar shading, interior window insulation and heat recovery fresh air; and are, therefore,  80% more energy efficient than conventional buildings. Further, adopting a “distributed energy system”, where turbines provide power independently, exhaust from turbines is the source for cooling, heating and sanitary hot water, the building is 50% more energy efficient than one linked to a power grid....MORE
Got that?
Dramatically more Energy Efficient.
And boy can it catch fish

They are the freakin' 4 Non Blondes of the construction biz:

Bigger, Better, Faster, More!