Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where The Jobs Are: Accounting/Bookkeeping Positions Hit New Record

From CPA Trendlines:

What recession? More accountants with jobs … ever.
Accounting and bookkeeping services, seasonally adjusted, preliminary /
Accounting and bookkeeping services, seasonally adjusted, preliminary /
by Rick Telberg

In the same jobs report that drove the NASDAQ to an 11-year peak, the accounting and bookkeeping sector recorded more people employed in the industry than ever before.

The government’s calculation of an 8.3% unemployment rate in January was the lowest in three years. It wowed economists, drove up the stock market, buoyed the dollar and shook up the Washington political scene. To be sure, the economy remains sluggish, housing remains in crisis, credit remains scarce or impossible to find, and the nation’s jobless rate remains perilously high.

The numbers are still preliminary and hardly suggest a long-term trend. But in the accounting and bookkeeping sector, the government figured 973,400 persons were employed in January, a gain of 12,500 jobs in one month. That’s a stunning advance after month-to-month changes of 2,000 to 3,000 jobs per month. In the year-ago January, the number of jobs in the accounting industry sank 4,700....MORE