Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Immediate Risk that Iceland's Most Feared Volcano Will Experience a Cataclysmic VEI 7 Eruption

The last eruption to rate a 7 or higher on the Volcanic Explosivity Index  was Tambora in 1815.
That's the one that caused the "Year without a Summer" (also known as the Poverty Year, Year There Was No Summer, and Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death) in 1816.

There was drought in some areas and floods in others, you know the drill. There were crop failures world wide.
The combination of "Volcanic Winter" and an historic low in solar activity dropped temperatures around the globe and caused cloudy conditions that led to famine and near-famine conditions in Europe and large parts of the Northeastern U.S. and Canada.

NASA says "Solar Cycle 25 peaking around 2022 could be one of the weakest in centuries."

From the International Business Times:
Seismic Activity Increases at Iceland’s Most Feared Volcano Katla 

From Iceland Review:
No Imminent Eruption Risk in Iceland's Volcano Katla
There are no definite signs of an imminent eruption in the sub-glacial volcano Katla in south Iceland although regular series of minor earthquakes and increased geothermal heat indicate that the volcano is expanding. Katla remains under close observation....MORE
Here's the live webcam pointed at Katla.
If you should happen to notice an eruption during market hours, drop me a line.
And go buy some flour.

May 2010 
Goodbye Eyjafjallajökull, Hello Katla: Big Sister Rumbles
April 2010 
"Volcanic ash relentless as tremors rock Iceland" and "...Eyjafjallajökull volcano is nothing to 'Angry Sister' Katla"