Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Leftist parties win control of French Senate"

This is an interesting little wrinkle in the Euro story.
From Agence France-Presse via The Raw Story:
PARIS — France's left-wing opposition struck a blow against embattled centre-right leader President Nicolas Sarkozy's hopes for re-election Sunday, winning a historic victory in a senatorial vote.

The Socialist Party and its Communist and Green allies won enough seats to give the left control of the upper house for the first time in French history, a stepping stone towards a presidential win in seven months' time.
"Nicolas Sarkozy will go down in history as the president that lost the right its majority in the Senate," declared Francois Hollande, favourite to win the Socialist Party's nomination to run against Sarkozy next year.

"In a way it's like a premonition of what will happen in 2012," he said....MORE