Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Hedge Fund Best Ideas: Kyle Bass, Dan Loeb, Leon Cooperman, Phil Falcone"

From Market Folly:
All today we've been covering the Delivering Alpha conference and we conclude with the Best Ideas & Alpha panel featuring Kyle Bass (Hayman Capital), Leon Cooperman (Omega Advisors), Philip Falcone (Harbinger Capital), Dan Loeb (Third Point), J. Tomilson Hill (Blackstone Alternative), and Anne Popkin (Symphony Asset Management). Each presented their best current idea: 

Kyle Bass (Hayman Advisors)

Bass is well known for his subprime short and prediction of sovereign defaults. At the conference, he said that the sovereign debt crisis is unlike anything seen in history.

Bass believes Japan is in the worst position, saying "Japan spends almost half of their revenue on debt service. So, a minute move can put them literally into check-mate ... We see a structural anomaly creating the cheapest option in the world."

Simply put, Bass says to buy price put options on government bonds in Japan. He believes it's the best opportunity in the world. In the past, we've outlined how Bass was betting against Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs). 
Leon Cooperman (Omega Advisors)

Earlier this summer, the legendary hedge fund manager presented at the Leaders in Investing Summit where he was concerned about employment and thought that bonds were screaming to be shorted. At today's conference, Cooperman says that the economic and financial crisis from 2008 would not repeat in 2011 or 2012....MORE