Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CME to Lower Permissable Levels of Vomitoxin in Wheat

From Reuters:
..."The effect of these changes will be to make the quality of the terminal stocks better and more desirable to own in the future," ABN AMRO analyst Charlie Sernatinger said in a note to clients....MORE
More desirable to own, yes, that's the concern.

I am reminded of a post from last December:
Citigroup Chairman Dick "Too Interwoven to Fail" Parsons Throws Cold Water on Dividend (C)
When I first read Parsons' interview at CNBC:

...Parsons said allowing Citi to fail previously or in the future would be akin to having "the heart, the pump of the economic system fail because then everybody else dies."

"It's probably the most important private financial institution for maintaining our economic strength and presence around the world. You can't let an institution like that go down," he said....
I was almost physically repelled. 
And I was reminded of some of the foulest smelling chemical compounds on earth:
Putrescine (1,4-diaminobutane or butanediamine)
Cadaverine (1,5-pentanediamine)
Skatole (3-methylindole)
Their stench, reek, and stink are chemical warnings to human beings that something very bad is going on and you should stay away.
Where was I? Right, Citigroup. We're fans of the stock.
The institution? I think it and the world's other mega-banks are a threat to human existence.
We're also fans of doing away with the notion of corporate personhood. 
Go figure....