Monday, June 6, 2011

Crop Progress Report: "Corn planting races to 94 percent "

Corn was down almost 3% today (-22cents at $7.32), slightly better than wheat's 3.8% decline (-29.75 cents to $7.44).
From Cattle Network:
According to the USDA’s Crop Progress report released June 6, Corn planting is now 94 percent complete in the top 18 producing states, compared to 86 last week and 99 last year.

Colorado (98 percent), Illinois (98 percent), Iowa (99 percent), Kansas (100 percent), Missouri (98 percent), Nebraska (99 percent), North Carolina (100 percent), Tennessee (99 percent) and Texas (99 percent) reported the highest percentages of planted corn. Overall, thirteen states reported at least 90 percent of corn in the ground....MORE
Bloomberg Analyst Survey: "Wheat Rallying 20% as Parched Fields Wilt From China to Kansas"