Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Irrelevant United Nations 'Suspends' Libya from Human Rights Council

The fact that Libya was on the Human Rights Council at all tells you everything you need to know about the U.N.
In 2003 Libya was voted Chair of the Human Rights Commission which was replaced by the Council in 2006 when they couldn't handle having the free world laugh at them any more.

Then Libya was voted onto the new body in 2010.

The only thing more psychotic than Libya as Chair of the Commission would be putting someone like Mugabe's Zimbabwe in charge of the U.N.'s Commission on Sustainable Development.

Oh wait... .they did that in May 2007.
Bunch of sick fucks.

There, I've catharted. Thank you for your patience.
[his ranting gets raves -ed]

From the Wall Street Journal:
The U.N. Human Rights Council suspended Libya's membership on Monday, but this is the same outfit that had very different things to say about Moammar Gadhafi's moral progress only weeks ago.
In January, the Council released its quadrennial report on human rights in Libya as part of its "universal periodic review." The UPR—advertised as one of the improvements of the Council when it replaced the U.N.'s old Human Rights Commission in 2006—is supposed to provide "objective and reliable information" on human rights in U.N. member states.

So how did Libya fare? The report notes that "a number of delegations commended [Libya] for the preparation and presentation of its national report, noting the broad consultation process with stake holders in the preparation phase. Several delegations also noted with appreciation the country's commitment to upholding human rights on the ground."

You'll be pleased to learn that the Gadhafi government offers a generous assessment of its own rights record. Cuba commended Gadhafi for "the progress it made in . . . primary education," and North Korea lauded Libya's "achievements in the protection of human rights." These were not surprise judgments.
But what to make of Australia, which "welcomed [Libya's] progress in human rights"; or Canada, which praised "the recent legislation that granted women married to foreigners the right to pass on their Libyan nationality to their children;" or Poland, which highlighted Libya's "achievements in recent years, including its efforts to combat corruption and trafficking."

The U.S., which joined the Council as a sign of the Obama Administration's good global citizenship, "supported [Libya's] increased engagement with the international community." At least the U.S. also "expressed concern about reports of the torture of prisoners" along with other rights violations. Similarly tepid statements of concern were offered by the Australians, Canadians and Poles. Too bad they couldn't muster the nerve of Switzerland, which tartly noted that Libyan "courts continued to pronounce death sentences and inflict corporal punishment, including whipping and amputation."....
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