Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Italian Government Possibly Rethinking Cuts in Solar Subsidies (FSLR; SPWRA; TSL; STP; YGE)

My Italian translator is, unfortunately, very unfortunately, not available so here's the Google translation of a story in Monday's La Repubblica, Italy's second largest newspaper: 
Overwhelmed by the mobilization of associations and harassed by Prestigacomo colleague, the Minister Romans prepared to review the rules "PV-killing."

ROME - Behind the apparent firmness of the government in carrying out the decree-renewable kills you start to really grasp some signs of rethinking.  

At the pre-Council of Ministers meeting last night the Minister for Economic Development Paul Romania submitted the exact same text 2 that has sparked protests and concern from both environmental groups and traders associations.

A rule such as repeatedly reported in recent days is likely to kill the baby at birth and promising Italian sector of the green economy, endangering tens of thousands of jobs. . ....MORE
I am so sorry I had to do that to you.
HT on the fact the story was out there, and bearing no responsibility for the machine translation: Tech Trader Daily.