Monday, March 14, 2011

Fukushima Reactor Designer General Electric Down 1% (GE)

"Dude, we're all about windmills, use a little ecoimagination."
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Okay Immelt isn't an occuponymous name. It isn't. Has nothing to do with melt-down.
I won't make any more jokes.

From the Financial Times:
GE offers help to Japan’s nuclear industry
General Electric, the US engineering company, has offered emergency technical assistance to Japan’s nuclear industry as it tries to stabilise the earthquake hit Fukushima Daiichi atomic plant.

Jeff Immelt, the chairman of GE, gave assurances that the protection surrounding the nuclear reactors at the plant was still intact, lessening the chances of a nuclear disaster. GE had helped supply reactors to the now stricken plant in partnership with Japanese companies....

...Mr Immelt said GE was offering technical support to partners Tokyo Electric Power, Hitachi and Toshiba, and working with Japan’s nuclear industry associations to avert the immediate threat and speed recovery. The US multinational had confirmed the safety of all its employees in Japan and also offered $5m in emergency relief funding.

Mr Immelt warned that it was “too early” to understand the full implications of the impact on Japan’s nuclear industry of last week’s earthquake and subsequent tsunami. He emphasised that a process of “discovery” was needed to determine the consequences Japan’s natural disaster would have on nuclear power across the world, and whether there would be a reassessment of its risks....MORE
From MSNBC (!):
General Electric-designed reactors in Fukushima have 23 sisters in U.S.
I'll be good. Please, no more shocks.

I think I should just sit and listen to some music.