Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kim Jong-Il and the Carbon Markets

Dear Leader is no greenie-come-lately, links below.

From Foreign Policy's Passport blog:

North Korea won't tell its citizens this, but the Hermit Kingdom is broke. Luckily, ever-ingenuous Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il and his government have a new plan -- sell carbon offsets for cold hard cash. The isolated Stalinist enclave has a series of hydropower projects that it hopes to leverage with the United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) scheme, which allows developing countries to partner with typically richer countries looking to reduce emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. The industrialized countries (or companies from such countries) earn carbon credits, while the host country gets cash from the sale of these credits....MORE
I'm not sure what he is looking at in the above picture but he sure does like to look at stuff. For more see:
kim jong-il looking at things
Here are a couple examples:
looking at valves
looking at valves
looking at beer
looking at beer
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Compared to some of our North Korea posts* this idea seems perfectly rational....

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Why do I picture a four-year-old jumping up and down screaming "Look at me, Loook attt meee!".

High-Flying Spy Drone, Powered By Liquid Coal

Also at Danger Room, a silent Jimmy Carter:

Super-Silent Jimmy Carter Ready to Spy on North Korea...

Totally off-topic: Kentucky Fried North Korea

rabbits nibbling
Herman, in happier times. Then:

No More Monster Bunnies for North Korea

The fate of 12 German giant rabbits delivered to North Korea is in doubt. The breeder who sent them suspects they have been eaten by top officials rather than used to set up a bunny farm....

And the thinking of a couple of the Kimster's BFF's:
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