Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fidel Castro, Global Warming,W. and Apec

The Cuban Commander-in-Chief is renowned for his oratory. A Google search for: Fidel, lengthy, speeches; gives you 120K hits. Even in translation it can be mesmerizing.

From Cuba Socialista:

Important meetings take place at such a frantic pace and Bush flies around and speaks at such speed that it is almost impossible to keep track. En route to Sydney, he stopped over for a few hours in Iraq, no less. I can’t say whether this happened two or three days ago, because when it's Thursday in Sydney and the sun is almost at high noon over the land, it’s still Wednesday in Havana with its fresh night air. The globalized planet Earth changes and transforms our concepts. Only one reality remains unchanged: the Empire’s network of air, sea, land and space military bases, increasingly more powerful and at the same time more vulnerable.

We don’t need to go into any special efforts of persuasion. Let us allow the U.S. news agency to speak for itlself.

However, this is not the only news coming from the unstoppable deluge of Bush’s words.
This reflection is getting very long and I have to conclude.

And from the link-vault:

Castro on Global Warming

Six articles by Fidel Castro, written in the spring of 2007. Compiled by Socialist Voice. Download the PDF