Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Comparing the TMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects Index and the Bloomberg Rare Earth Mineral Resources Index (MCP; REE; AVL; LYSCF)

Two from Technology Metals Research. First up, from Friday:
Introducing The TMR Advanced Rare-Earth Projects Index

...Note that I am first and foremost interested in the rare-earths sector from the strategic point of view. I am interested in the potential value that specific rare-earth deposits and their development could have, in the furtherance of the needs and demands of the overall technology supply chain. In theory, projects that are good for the supply chain in this way, should also be good investments, or more specifically, the companies that own and operate such projects (if they can do so profitably). Obviously things don’t always quite mesh in this way, but you get the idea.

To put things in context, as of the beginning of January 2011, I’m tracking 275 rare-earth projects that are being worked on by 180 individual companies in 30 different countries. This does not include projects in China, India or Russia, or projects that are not at least partially owned or operated by corporations or other non-state-run entities. It also does not include projects whose information is not in the public domain, and / or are simply not known to me at the present time....
...As of January 6, 2011, the TMR Advanced Rare-Earths Project Index includes 17 advanced rare-earth projects, being worked on by 16 different companies and located in 8 different countries. Those projects are:

And from yesterday:
The Bloomberg Rare Earth Mineral Resources Index
...In the first iteration of the Index, Bloomberg chose the following companies and weightings:

Member companies of the Bloomberg Rare Earth Mineral Resources Index and their weightings
Company Ticker Symbols Weighting (%)
Molycorp Inc. NYSE:MCP 16.4
Lynas Corporation Ltd. ASX:LYC, PK:LYSCF 15.0
Avalon Rare Metals Inc. TSX:AVL, AMEX:AVL 11.4
Rare Element Resources Ltd. TSX.V:RES, AMEX:REE 11.2
Arafura Resources Ltd. ASX:ARU, PK:ARAFF 10.0
Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd. ASX:GGG, PK:GDLNF 6.7
Quest Rare Minerals Ltd. TSX.V:QRM, PK:QSURD 6.3
Frontier Rare Earths Ltd. TSX:FRO 5.9
Alkane Resources Ltd. ASX:ALK, PK:ALKEF 5.0
Tasman Metals Ltd. TSX.V:TSM, PK:TASXF, F:T61 4.6
Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. TSX.V:GWG, OTCBB:GWMGF 4.2
Navigator Resources Limited ASX:NAV 2.1
Matamec Explorations Inc. TSX.V:MAT, PK:MTCEF 1.2
Subscribers to the Bloomberg information service can track the Index via its ticker symbol BNREMS. We’ll update the above list periodically, as and when Bloomberg makes changes to its composition. In the meantime, you can see the latest data for the Index, on its Web page.
...MORE including a short comparison of the criteria for inclusion