Friday, October 1, 2010

"Spanish fathers now get breastfeeding leave"

No comment. I can't help myself:

From Foreign Policy's Passport blog:
This just in from Spain, where apparently equal rights trump biology: The European Union Court of Justice has ruled that Spanish working fathers have the same rights to breastfeeding leave as do working mothers.
From CNN:
Thursday's ruling grants Spanish dads the same rights as the mother of their child to leave work up to twice a day for a total of an hour or to shorten their workday by 30 minutes for the first nine months of the baby's life.
The court called the law "an unjustified discrimination on grounds of sex" that fathers weren't granted breastfeeding leave in the same instances as women were.
All jokes aside, cheers to Spain for recognizing that mothers and fathers should take an equal part in childrearing....MORE
I suppose with 20% unemployment and an economy wrecked by a real estate fantasy and some of the highest electricity costs in the world (why am I reminded of another Spanish speaking nation, capital Sacramento)  you make gestures.