Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CES 2010: Cisco Press Conference (CSCO)

The consumer angle is a bit off-topic but because we have sung CSCO's praises for their cleantech angle I thought I should run this.
From Tech Trader Daily:

The Cisco Systems (CSCO) event is more intimate than most today — the company required a pre-registration and seemed to be turning people away.

Even in the small room, Cisco has an impressive setup with half of the stage setup to resemble a home den, complete with entertainment center. Chambers is working the room unlike the other presenters I’ve seen today.

Chairman and CEO John Chambers led off his speech by asking “A decade ago who would have thought that Cisco, video and the consumer would be coming together at CES.”

Highlights from Chambers talk:

  • Cisco has always done well by focusing on five or 10 years out.
  • Focus here is “See an experience. Live it. Share it.”
  • Video changes everything, when you think about communication. 90% of all consumer Internet traffic will be be video...MORE