Monday, July 6, 2009

Calls for carbon audit on US-Australian war games

From the Australian Broadcasting Corp:

Two medical organisations are calling for a carbon audit on a joint US-Australian military exercise, that starts tomorrow.

Exercise Talisman-Sabre will involve around 30,000 troops, simulating land, sea and air combat at several locations across Australia.

The Medical Association for Prevention of War and Doctors for the Environment say the environmental impact of the exercises has not been assessed.

Canberra GP Doctor Sue Wareham says most Australians are opposed to increased military activity.

"The Defence Review, which has just been conducted by the Government, disclosed that a majority of Australians want less spent on defence, rather than more," she said.

"And yet what we see announced from the Government is that they're going to increase military spending at a time that we have no major military threat.

"So we believe the focus is all wrong - we need to be focussing on the real threats, which are climate change, resource depletion and environmental security.">>>MORE