Monday, April 13, 2009

PG&E to source solar from outer space (PCG)

Update: Environmental Capital has the story, sourced from their confreres at Dow Jones newswires: Space Heater: PG&E Looks to Space for New Solar Power
They did not, however, find a way to work Mr. Potato Head into their post.

Original post:

Yeah I know the big news is Goldman Sachs but you'll find a hundred common-taters* with that news. So far as I can tell the Silicon Valley Business Journal is the only one with this:

It’s not quite to the moon and beyond, but PG&E Co. is looking to space for more sources of renewable energy.

The investor-owned utility based out of San Francisco today announced it has signed a power purchase agreement with Manhattan Beach-based Solaren Corp., to buy up to 200 megawatts of solar space energy, according to PG&E's blog, NEXT100. The solar power will be captured on satellite solar panels hovering in earth’s orbit and transmitted to Fresno via radio frequency.

Renewable energy produced in space has obvious challenges. Satellite technology is expensive and transmitting power long distances leads to power losses. But solar panels in space get eight to ten times the sun that those on earth do with no cloud interference, no loss of power at night and no seasons to alter efficiency, its developers say....MORE

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