Monday, February 2, 2009

White House moves to protect Barack Obama brand from exploiters

I promise, we'll get back to serious business tomorrow. In the meantime, from the Times of London:
He has rapidly become one of the world's most powerful brands, helping to sell products from “Yes Pecan” ice cream to “The Audacity of Soap” cleansing bars....

...Any attempts to limit the exploitation of Mr Obama's name and image will be difficult because of the strength of freedom of speech rights in the United States and the sheer scale of the booming industry that his election has spawned.

There are Obama-themed running shoes, Yes We Can Cola, boxer shorts, golf balls, hot sauce, Barack-O-blend coffee, chocolate Obama lollipops, Obama lipstick and Obama cigars. Ikea, the home-assembly furniture chain, has launched an “Embrace Change” marketing campaign, while Southwest Airlines has promoted a “Yes You Can” ticket sale....

In January, Ben and Jerry's said they donate the proceeds from Yes Pecan to Common Cause.

The URL for Audacity of Soap is