Monday, February 2, 2009

Help! I need a new career, fast.

From Crosscut:

Have you considered the fine old profession of hunter-gatherer?
[or subsistence farmer? -ed]

Harvesting of oats in JĂžlster, Norway ca. 1890.
Axel Lindahl (1841-1906) / Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

With all the bankruptcies and frauds, the legal profession comes to mind. But the bankrupt and the fraudsters have no money. Suing people with no money is not a promising career. In fact, we may be witnessing the death of the great American dream that we could litigate ourselves to prosperity and national greatness.

Traditional career paths offer little promise in the coming depression. One needs to consider non-traditional careers. I suggest four:


There are 10 million homes in America with market values below their outstanding mortgage. These homeowners can walk away and get nothing nothing, struggle with escalating payment as their mortgages reset, or burn their house down and collect the insurance. The States of Nevada, California, and Florida alone will need over 8,000 additional arsonists with the next two years....MORE