Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"“Panic on the upside, then panic on the downside - this is one dangerous market”

That's Richard Russell quoted by Prieur du Plessis at Investment Postcards from Cape Town. Here's some more:

...Back to the stock market, key resistance and support levels for the major US indices are shown in the table below. All the indices are trading below the 50-day moving averages and the Industrials and Transport have also breached the December 1 lows. The critical November 20 lows are now within close reach and must hold in order to prevent considerable technical damage.


Where to now? As pointed out before, the primary trend is still bearish...

...At this juncture, short-term movements are almost impossible to predict, although 90% down-days are usually followed by two- to seven-day bounces. Seven out of the eight most recent 90% down-days were followed by rallies, according to Richard Russell. Having said that, my belief is that traders will simply have to wait for Mr Market to show his hand, especially as far as the November 20 lows are concerned...MORE