Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Month in 'Nature': Climate Change

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November 2008

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Research Highlights

Sounds in the key of life - p138

Olive Heffernan

Published online: 09 October 2008; doi:10.1038/climate.2008.106

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Physical effects - p138

Anna Armstrong

Published online: 09 October 2008; doi:10.1038/climate.2008.107

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Foreboding forecast - pp138 - 139

Olive Heffernan

Published online: 16 October 2008; doi:10.1038/climate.2008.111

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Riddle resolved - p139

Olive Heffernan

Published online: 23 October 2008; doi:10.1038/climate.2008.112

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News and Views

When did the icehouse cometh? - pp147 - 148

Stephen F. Pekar

The concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide decreased between 45 million and 25 million years ago, a trend accompanied by glaciation at the poles. Modelling results suggest when and where the ice closed in.

Published online: 01 October 2008; doi:10.1038/455602a

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Policy Watch

Canadian election goes against the 'green shift' - pp149 - 150

Canada's voters have rejected the Liberal party's strong environmental platform to re-elect Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Hannah Hoag looks down the road ahead for Canadian climate policy.

Published online: 30 October 2008; doi:10.1038/climate.2008.116

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