Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Markets: Words of Wisdom via the Wall Street Journal's MarketBeat blog

Two from MarketBeat:

After Obama’s Victory, What to Expect in Stocks

...“The market hates uncertainty which is why we rallied into the election. And while the market will turn well before we see it in the economy, we’re nowhere near that point yet,” says Mark Madoff, head of trading at Bernard Madoff Securities. “There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Obama presidency. Now, he needs to follow through with a sound plan that set the stage to rebuild the economy.”...MORE

For Clues on U.S. Equities, Watch…Emerging Markets?

...To best assess that situation, market participants advocate monitoring the state of emerging economies and signals from their sovereign debt. Just as emerging-market growth drove the bull market from 2002 to 2007, the extent of the economic slowdown in these nations will help decide the duration and severity of the bear market that began in 2007.

That’s because multinational corporations came to depend on growth in China, India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets in recent years. Those corporations will suffer if they follow the U.S. into recession or face their own financial crises.

For much of this year, the bulls argued a U.S. slowdown would be offset by growth in emerging markets, but that was “an illusion,” said Nick Chamie, head of emerging markets research with RBC Dominion Securities in Toronto....MORE